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Ode to being alone

Things you can only really enjoy by being and staying alone


Read more books

Read more deeply

Taste the words

Sleep with them

No interruptions

No obstructions

Write write write

Only pay attention to the cat

Spend afternoons at the library

Or inside your head

Go incommunicado

Make up a tornado

Listen to songs you want to

The ones that mean a whole lot to you

Dance, there’s no one watching

Have the bed all to yourself

At all times

And your hands only to you

And your body

And your mind

And your dreams

And your fantasies

Watch whatever you want on the TV

Turn it off at will

Buy yourself a present

Leave your body unshaven

Or shave it just for you

Go to the cinema

By yourself

And taste movies like you never did before

Whatever you did do before

Do it now

It’s not the same, trust me

It’s a whole lot better

Enjoy silence or noise

Warmth or rain

Pizza or bubblegum

Wear your old cozy underwear

Have no plans for the weekend

Or plan all things to your liking

All free time is absolutely and totally yours

Change your mind in the middle of the day

Binge read every crap you want

Rediscover poetry



Make every decision by yourself

And every mistake too

Go offline, off your phone, off the grid

Go everywhere and anywhere

Have your nails as long as you want them

Cook your food

Dress your dresses

Have the days all to yourself

Not just the leftovers from someone else

Pay attention to whomever you want

To the world too

In ways only possible when no one has a claim to you

Only do your own laundry

Clean your own dishes

Only do your own emotional labour

Not his, or hers, or the relationship or the couple.

Get to know yourself

Know with full proof certainty that you can be alone and great

Know with full proof certainty that you matter and you are enough

Know with full proof certainty you can create and breathe and live on your own

Know that this only happens when you have the time to be alone


And at Valentine’s Day: do whatever

Celebrate being alone as the greatest gift ever.


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